Solihull Property – Do you want to know the answers to following questions;

What your own property in Solihull is truly worth?

What other properties on the Solihull market are worth, irrespective of their marketing price, how long they have been available and at what price?

What the property market, in general, is doing but particularly in the Solihull area.

Why some properties sell very quickly and others take a lot longer or don’t sell at all before being taken off the market?

If you are thinking of selling in Solihull, how to get the very best result.

This is what Agent V is all about.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone you could refer to for honest independent guidance on buying and selling property in the Solihull area. We can’t promise we will always know the answer to everything, but if we don’t we will try and find you someone who does.

So no sales talk, no ‘estate agency speak’, just good honest advice.

Why? because we love property, and we love talking to people about it, and we love learning all the time. Believe me, when you work with property you never stop learning.

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